Drill electric shock Eltos DEU-1020

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Drill shock Eltos DEU-1020 is a reliable and durable tool designed for drilling holes in metal, wood, plastic, ceramics, bricks, stone, lightweight concrete grades and other materials when performing repair and installation works.

It is an indispensable assistant during the repair, because of its simplicity and efficiency. It has two operating modes: drilling - the main operating mode for making holes with high accuracy in materials such as metal with a diameter of 13 mm, wood 30 mm, brittle materials and plastic, the second mode of operation drilling + impact - is used for drilling bricks, stone, 13 mm.

This model is equipped with a motor capacity of 1020 watts, this wave is enough to provide high performance and speed when performing drilling tasks. The cooling system allows the engine to not overheat.

Also, this model of the drill has in its arsenal a system of smooth speed control by pressing the start button, which allows to fully control the tool at all stages of work. The reducer is protected from mechanical damage by a strong metal casing.

The Eltos tool has proven its reliability and versatility for 10 years already.

Brand: Eltos
Drilling capacity
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