Drill Rechargeable Grand DA-18N

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Cordless screwdriver Grand DA-18H is a high-quality productive tool of household class, the scope of which is very wide: repair, construction, furniture production, various installation works.

This model is battery-powered, so it can be used in any place you need, without being tied to the mains. The power source is an 18 Volt Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) battery with a capacity of 2.0 A / h, so that the screwdriver easily copes with the most difficult tasks for a long time without recharging.

The handle is equipped with a rubberized lining, due to which you practically will not feel any vibrations during work, and besides you will not slip your hand. In cases of work in poor lighting, you will need the function of LED backlighting. The maximum torque is 27 Nm and it can be adjusted.

The tool has a speed switch depending on the type of material (wood, plastic or metal), you can change the number of revolutions in two positions. To simplify the change of the working tooling and its reliable fixing, the Grand drill-screwdriver is equipped with a quick-action chuck.

Brand: Grand
Charging time
Diameter of cartridge
Rotation at 1 speed
Rotation at 1 speed


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