Saw disk Eltos PD-185-2100

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The Eltos circular saw PD-185-2100 is a quality household tool that is used for cutting or cutting wood or plastic billets in construction and repair and joinery and furniture production. Structurally, chip removal in the opposite direction from the user is provided.

Depth of sawing at an angle of inclination 45 ° - 45 mm, with an angle of 90 ° - 62 mm, which opens the possibility to perform inclined constructive cuts. The nominal power consumption is 2100 W, the idling speed is 5500 rpm, the diameter of the used disc is 185 mm.

When working with a saw blade with hard alloy plates, the electric saw can be used for sawing cement slabs, phosphogypsum and gas-filled concrete.

The special design of the armature allows maximum prolongation of tool life, and double application of varnish protects against short circuit and overheating. The ergonomic main handle provides reliable grip and confident tool handling during operation.

Brand: Eltos
Rotation frequency
Voltage / frequency
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Diameter of saw blade


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